MACBA | Barcelona

It’s a modern art museum tucked in between historic buildings and the winding, narrow streets of Raval, it should be out of place but it just feels…right.

Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art – Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona – MACBA

MACBA’s permanent collection of art is vast and it hosts frequently changing exhibitions, best of all, it’s free to visit Saturdays 4-8pm.

For me, the best part of MACBA is outside. Follow the sound of wheels through Raval and eventually the narrow streets will open up into the Plaça dels Àngels– the front of the museum serves as an unofficial skate park and meeting place. There’s something poetic about the way this obviously uber modern building sits between the old edificios in Raval, and how the noise and movement outside contrasts with the calm hush that covers the interior. Everyday throughout the week this square is buzzing, come to relax, skate – or just watch the tricks and wince at the falls onto concrete.

It’s amazing to see and really something you should experience for yourself. Great pit stop in the city because there are loads of bars, the Raval neighborhood has some of the cheapest prices in Barcelona.