Visit one of Europe’s oldest open air markets ENCANTS | Barcelona

Illustration of Els Encants Barcelona
Els Encants Market

Reputedly one of the oldest open air flea markets in Europe, dating from the 14th century, Els Encants has been housed in Glories since 1928 and is still up and running today. The multi – leveled, mirrored structure (the result of a renovation in 2013) creates distorted reflections of the stalls and mountains of ephemera making it all look compellingly futuristic. The metal canopy also means the ‘open air’ market can trade in all weathers. This isn’t one of those trendy, or especially pretty, vintage markets but a real old style wade-through-tat-to-find-your-treasure and then spend 20 minutes bartering, to leave with a bargain, kind of place.

The market is located on the edge of the center of Barcelona but is easily accessed by metro to Encants (L2) or Glories (L1). There are food stalls on site and the Design Museum of Barcelona (Museu del Disseny) is a couple of minutes walk away, so there’s enough around to make a visit to Encants worth the short journey.

Map of Glòries
Map of Glòries

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