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From the week in the sand filled car in Uruguay and from being flung around in my bag, wherever I go, everyday, there is literally mud and dust and pasta sauce as well as ink and paint smudges splattering these pages, amongst the tickets and receipts stuck down with tape that is starting to curl at the edges. This is STEP 1.

I’m writing a lot and making pretty postcards, along with some digital prints that will be neat patterns and clear thoughts extracted from the sketches and chaos. ( that’s STEP 2)

For now, around the smudges and stains I’m constantly drawing more and more lines, and writing more and more stories, hoping to accurately depict the images that I keep in my head and on my camera roll. I’m realising, however, that the pages won’t be accurate depictions, it’s a sketchbook not a video streamed live from my brain. However, hopefully, on the journey from my eyes to my brain and my pen and my laptop keyboard (via my heart and my soul? Maybe, whatever), to your eyes, to your brain, something beautiful or exciting or interesting will happen. I’m going to keep drawing and writing and sharing with you as I go, I hope you will enjoy whatever we uncover.  (April 2019)

I love photography, writing, illustration and travel and fill up sketchbooks wherever I go. Recently I have been working on filling up sketchbooks and refining my stories and drawings into written pieces and art prints.

I’ve created prints based on trips to Brazil, Italy and Portugal as well as closer to home; I marvel at the architecture of the historic buildings in and around Manchester, and imagine map routes around the city. 

I adore creating personalised designs based on beautiful places that people love. Whether is a portrait of your family home or that far flung town you visited on a trip five years ago and still can’t get out of your head, I can create a bespoke memento that you can use to decorate your home and that will serve as a reminder of the place that you love, putting a smile on your face as you relive the happy memories.

At the moment I’m focused on my recent trip to south America and the city I’m currently living in – Barcelona! Keep up with my designs on Instagram as I explore this magical place.

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