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I make pictures of places people love. Whether is a portrait of your family home or that far flung town you visited on a trip five years ago and still can’t get out of your head, I will create a bespoke memento that you can use to decorate your home and that will serve as a reminder of the place that you love, putting a smile on your face as you relive the happy memories.

I love photography, travel and fill up sketchbooks wherever I go. Recently I have been working on turning my illustrations into art prints and items for the home — using digital technology to print onto fabric and create cushions, pillows and zip purses. I often embellish textiles with other fabrics, machine embroidery and love spending hours adding detailed hand embroidery to give pieces a unique touch.

I’ve created prints based on trips to Brazil, Italy and Portugal as well as closer to home; I love marvelling at the architecture of the historic buildings in and around Manchester, and imagine map routes around the city.  I adore creating personalised designs based on beautiful places. My pieces make great gifts or travel souvenirs.

At the moment my focus is on the city I’m living in – Barcelona! Keep up with my designs on Facebook and Instagram as I explore this magical place.


Email: cogginsketchbook [at] gmail.com

Instagram: @cogginsketchbook

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